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Updates from Maritime Film UK’s Rob White, TV producer, reporter and camera operator with 30 years’ experience at the BBC, Channel 4 and ITN

Flight of the Condor

10 January 2017

One woman seafarer making the point Dr Pike wants made (see previous blog) and doing it big time, is Fran Collins, Executive Operations Director of Condor Ferries. She rose to Captain one of these elegant ships criss-crossing the Channel between the Channel Islands and St Malo, and then took up her present senior role in the company. She was clear about what all seafarers need: resourcefulness, the ability to cope with whatever situations arise at sea, because there’s no AA or Green Flag to call on! Meeting (picture) with officers on board Condor’s ‘Stabilized Mono-Hull’ ferry Condor Liberation, she was plainly at ease in command – and the officers talking with her were equally at ease being commanded. Good signs. And a good day at sea followed – we had a great return voyage to Guernsey in beautiful weather, perfect for shots.

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Rob is a TV producer, reporter and camera operator with 30 years of experience at the BBC, Channel 4 and ITN, in news, factual and documentary production. He is a four-time award winner, whose awards include a coveted Royal Television Society award for his work on Channel 4 News. His association with the Maritime Foundation goes back to 1995 when he won the first Desmond Wettern Maritime Media Award for a series of reports that led to a major documentary on the loss of the bulk carrier Derbyshire.

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