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Updates from Maritime Film UK’s Rob White, TV producer, reporter and camera operator with 30 years’ experience at the BBC, Channel 4 and ITN


24 October 2022

As we must, with sadness and respect, now call her. And with hope for a long and happy reign! This is – was – HMS Bronington, a ‘Ton’ class coastal minesweeper (so called, informally, because all the ship names of these doughty vessels ended in ‘ton’.) For many years, these tidy little ships were the workhorses of the Royal Navy – engaging in patrol and engagement tasks well beyond their prime function. Wooden, with aluminium frames, to minimize the chances of detonating magnetic mines, they added one special cachet to their record: providing Prince Charles with his first, and only, seagoing command. Uncomfortable in a seaway because of their shallow draught and relatively high top-hamper, they and their ship’s companies ploughed on at Their Lordship’s bidding for many a long year. Now King Charles’ ship is solitary survivor… but only just.

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About Rob

Rob is a TV producer, reporter and camera operator with 30 years of experience at the BBC, Channel 4 and ITN, in news, factual and documentary production. He is a four-time award winner, whose awards include a coveted Royal Television Society award for his work on Channel 4 News. His association with the Maritime Foundation goes back to 1995 when he won the first Desmond Wettern Maritime Media Award for a series of reports that led to a major documentary on the loss of the bulk carrier Derbyshire.

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