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'The Pendennis Way'

21 October 2014
Pendennis Adix

In Falmouth, at Pendennis Worldclass Superyachts – big name-claim but for once a company’s proud boast is 100% accurate. Just look at the picture to get an idea of the boats they build and service and rebuild. That is Adix, a spectacular 65 metre three-masted schooner, now undergoing a comprehensive refit. We’re interviewing Stephen Hills, Project Director for the company – which means he oversees all the work going on at Falmouth, for some of the most high-value clients you might ever chance to encounter.  So, no pressure then! Stephen tells us that Pendennis reckon their USP’s are that they can do all their work down to the last rivet in house, so keeping up their quality standards – and also because they take on a lot of apprentices and train them in the Pendennis way. Looks like it works.

Boat Nation

20 October 2014
Maritime Foundation

On the way to Pendennis Worldclass Superyachts in Falmouth, to complete filming for our Maritime Foundation Maritime Media Awards keynote film, ‘Boat Nation’. The awards come every year, celebrating those in the media who’ve done the most to drive home the importance of the sea and sea trade to Britain. With 95% of everything we use – reckoned by volume – coming to us by sea, it’s a vital message, especially with a shrunken British merchant fleet and Royal Navy. For sure,  the Silent Service is re-tooling with some spectacular kit like the new aircraft carriers, the Type 45 destroyers and the Astute class submarines, so though small it’s still a force to be reckoned with. The awards aim to encourage journalists, writers, film-makers and internet operators to do more on the maritime. We reckon they’re having a real impact.

'A Smashing Success'

16 October 2014
Jubilee Sailing Trust Tenacious

Always a kind of nervous moment, checking with a client how a dedicated film went at a special event…so had to steel ourselves before asking how the fund-raiser we’d made our Jubilee Sailing Trust film for was. But all well and the flattering headline is how the Trust’s CEO Duncan Souster described the impact of the movie…so, relief! It’ll be up on this website shortly. The main thing is, it did what they needed and deserved, and their suggestions for changes worked well, too – a major plus in working with clients because it increases the sense of ownership to which they’re (obviously) entitled. Now, a new project to work on for the JST – take a look at this film:

Hilarious and really well made… Jon Woods at the Trust has asked for something similar tailored to them. Excellent!

Nellie’s makeover

10 October 2014
STS Lord Nelson

Poor ‘Nellie’ (as the Jubilee Sailings Trust’s team affectionately call their tall ship STS Lord Nelson) isn’t looking much like this just now… because she’s having a major overhaul in the Port of Southampton. The location is a bit of a comedown from the places she’s been in her last 2 years at sea, like Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Sydney: right next to a mountain of scrap metal awaiting export! We went on board to interview two crew members for our JST film: Luis Otero from Uruguay, and ‘Stretch’, from New Zealand, who sold up lock, stock and barrel, to  go to sea with the Trust. ‘Nellie’ needs her refit after 2 ‘Sail the World’ years at sea, and she’s certainly getting it, with maintenance teams at work under the leadership of Captain Barbara Campbell. Quite a makeover.

CEO in vision

07 October 2014
Duncan Souster

We always build in at least one ‘Changes’ day to the edit, so no problem when Jubilee Sailing Trust come up with some thoughts. They’re good ones – what they propose will improve the movie, and deliver more for the Cator family, for whose big fund-raiser this film is being made. Also we all agree a snap decision to ask Duncan to close the film (most important moment of all in terms of delivering their message.) But where? Luck of lucks, Tenacious is in port nearby – but about to leave. We make it in time and Duncan turns in a strong performance. Fighting the light though, which is fading fast – the location overshadowed by Southampton’s huge Ocean Terminal. A lighting rig would be great, but there’s no time! Get it done, then film Tenacious gliding sweetly away to sea.

“The strongest one so far”

07 October 2014
Friend of JST

First viewing of our Jubilee Sailing Trust film… deadline just over a week away now. To get cracking, last week went: Alton (Hants) on Monday, deepest Staffordshire on Tuesday, Plymouth on Wednesday and Chepstow on Thursday. No complaints – it was fun. The Trust are very appreciative and supportive, with their team on the project led by Sarah Webb, Head of Fundraising, and Jon Woods, Head of Sales and Marketing. One plus for us all is that their HQ is only 10 minutes’ drive from Andy’s edit suite. Always a nervous moment when you first show, but the feedback is great, with new CEO Duncan Souster describing our film as “The strongest one so far- goes a long way in encompassing what we do.” Similar praise from Sarah and Jon. Blushes and thank you! But there’s more… see next blog…

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